About Leeanne

Leeanne is the newest member of our friendly team, having joined us in February 2019.

She works closely with Nessie to deliver an excellent customer experience for those that book on to our courses. She supports both trainers by preparing the paperwork they require for the courses and also processes the assessment papers to make sure that certificates are issued as quickly as possible.

Outside of Work

When I am not working at ADM I like to stay active by attending the gym and walking most days and weekends. As well, I have been a part of a local Southampton Karate club for the past 7 years. I attend weekly sessions including ‘Senior’ training sessions at weekends and day courses 3 times a year. I am a firm believer that staying active is hugely beneficial to mental health and overall happiness.

Top of the Bucket List

I’d like to learn how to play the drums. I tried to learn once before but I couldn’t get the rhythm down. I had a lot of fun making noise though!