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Level 2 Award in the Introduction to the Autistic Spectrum

Autism is a hidden disability and people on the autistic spectrum are often at risk of being isolated. The National Autistic Society reports that there are around 700,000 people in the UK on the Autistic Spectrum - that's more than 1 in 100 people.Developing your knowledge of Autism is key in ensuring that the needs of those on the autistic spectrum are understood.

Level 2 Award in Manual Handling

Workers in health and social care carry out a wide variety of moving and handling activities. To reduce the risk of injury, to both the worker and client, it is important to ensure that all workers have thorough manual handing training. This course provides workers with the knowledge of safe manual handling techniques.

Level 2 Award in Health, Safety and Fire

Health, Safety and Fire training is a Statutory Requirement under the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 and the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. This courses is aimed at those working in the health and social care sector.

Level 2 Award in Positive Behaviour Support

Positive Behaviours Support is an approach to supporting people who may display behaviours which challenge in a person centred way. It is vital that health and social care workers have the right skills and knowledge to use the Positive Behaviours Support approach. This course equips workers with the knowledge and skills they require.

Level 2 Award in Lone Working

A lone worker is someone that works by themselves without direct supervision. In health and social care, workers often work alone. This course provides workers with tips for reducing the risks that are associated with lone working.

Level 2 Award in Promoting Dignity in Care

Dignity in health and social care ensures that the people we support are able to make choices about the care they receive. Workers should respect the views of those they support and avoid making assumptions about how someone would like to be treated.

Level 2 Award in Infection Control and Prevention

Infection prevention and control is key to delivering safe and effective care. It is important that health and social care workers know the role they play in infection prevention and control. This course provides workers with a good understanding of the subject and how this will apply in their field of work.

Level 3 in Principles of Safeguarding and Protecting Young People or Vulnerable Adults

Everyone has the right to be safe and live without the fear of abuse, neglect or exploitation and this course aims to teach you how to recognise the signs of abuse and neglect and what actions you can take to stop this from happening and occuring again in the future.

Level 2 Award in Moving, Assisting and Hoisting

If risks relating to moving and handling are to be managed safely, all workers must receive appropriate training. This course covers the principles of safe moving and assisting as well as the safe use of equipment such as hoists.

Level 2 Award in Mental Capacity Act, including DoLS

Everyone working in social care must have an awareness of the Mental Capacity Act (MCA) 2005. The act aims to protect those that may not be able to make some decisions for themselves.

Level 2 Award in Fire Safety

Skills for Care recommend that home care workers are able to recognise and respond to potential environmental risks (which include fire risks) in the homes of the people that they provide care and support for. This course teaches workers the key elements of fire safety as well as what to do in an emergency fire situation.

Level 2 Award in Food Safety, Nutrition and Hydration

What we eat and drink is very important to our health and well-being. Our Food Safety, Nutrition and Hydration courses ensures that health and social care workers are aware of the importance of food safety and supporting good nutrition.

Level 2 Award in Handling and Recording Information

Information relating to an individuals care and support is often personal and sensitive. It is very important that workers know how to handle this information carefully to ensure that it remains confidential. This course will provide you with an understanding of good principles of recording and handling information.

Level 2 Award in Safe Handling and Administration of Medication

Health and social care providers have a responsibility to ensure that any staff responsible for the management and administration of medication are appropriately trained. This course covers how medicines can be handled in a safe manner.

Level 2 Award in Diabetes Awareness

Diabetes is a lifelong condition that causes a person's blood sugar level to become too high. With the right treatment and care people with diabetes can live a healthy life with reduced risks of serious complications. This course will provide you with a good understanding of how to support someone in the management of their diabetes.

Level 2 Award in Person Centred Care and Support

People should be at the heart of their care. A Person Centred approach to care and support gives the client the opportunity to take control and ownership over their care plan. Workers should understand the role they play in implementing this approach.

Level 3 Award in Emergency Paediatric First Aid

This one day, interactive course has been created for those who have an interest in child and infant basic life support. This course is designed to build your knowledge and confidence in assisting children and infants that require first aid.

Level 3 Award in First Aid at Work

This comprehensive course covers a wide range of first aid emergencies, enabling all participants to deal with emergency situations with confidence in a prompt, safe and effective way. This course will give participants a qualification to the highest level of First Aid.

Basic Life Support

This three hour course is perfect for people who are looking to gain some basic first aid knowledge. This course will train you in what steps to take when you are presented with an unresponsive casualty. You will also learn CPR and perfect your technique on one of our state of the art manikins.

Basic Life Support and Safe use of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED)

Heart and circulatory disease claims around 200,000 lives each year. Many could have been saved if a defibrillator was made available. A casualty's rate of survival will dramatically increase if an AED is available and if you have appropriately qualified personnel to use it.